Rubino C. Mordasini

Functions in national societies

The scientific exchange of ideas and the involvement in non-profit organisations constitute a major purpose of life for me and offer me the possibility to contribute to the public welfare of the Swiss population.

1981 – 2008
Secretary General of the Swiss Heart Foundation
  • 1982-2008 Member of the Scientific Committee
  • 1988-2008 President of the Commission for Information and Prevention
  • 1999-2002 President of the Commission for Nutrition
    In this position was co-responsible for various programmes:
    • Introduction of the emergency phone number 144 in Switzerland
    • Programme „Cardiac emergency“
    • Long-term programme „Woman and Heart“
    • …as well as for several campaigns and programmes that have had and continue to have a major impact in the field of cardiology and its developments in Switzerland
    • Responsible organiser of national and international congresses and of other events
    • Collaboration in creating several informative brochures of the Swiss Heart Foundation (today 90 information brochures are available) which cover for over 90% of the cardiovascular information available for patients.
Seit 1998
Member of the Management Board of the AGLA/GSLA (Swiss Working Group Lipids and Atherosclerosis of the Swiss Society of Cardiology, SGK/SSC), 2006-2008: President
  • Co-author of the AGLA/GSLA Treatment Guidelines for Switzerland regarding Heart and Cardiovascular Diseases
  • Co-organiser of several national and international Congresses on the theme of atherosclerosis and risk factors
  • Speaker at national and international meetings, in particular on subjects regarding the treatment of cardiovascular risk factors
Since 2009
Vice-President of the Swiss Heart Foundation
Since 2013
Member of Foundation Board of the ZAIM (Zurich Academy of Internal Medicine)

Member in other national and international scientific societies and committees.