Rubino C. Mordasini


Having been born into a physician’s family and both deeply impressed and fascinated by my father, Ernesto Mordasini as well as by his activities and tasks, it was clear to me that I’d choose to be a physician myself. After having acquired/obtained the qualification and medical title of a specialised physician in general internal medicine, I specialised in the field of cardiology and lipidology. Right from the beginning of my career as a hospital physician and physician with an own private practice, the well-being of my patients always was and continues to be my major concern.

Education and professional activities in the medical field

State examination/Medical licence and dissertation in Berne
1972 – 1976
Assistant in several Clinics and Institutes of the University of Berne
1976 – 1978
Grant from the Swiss National Science Foundation (Schweiz. Nationalfonds) for research in the field of lipidology conducted at the University Clinic of Heidelberg with stays in the USA
1978 – 1981
Senior physician cardiology at the University Clinic of Medicine of the Inselspital Berne
Habilitation in Internal Medicine at the University of Berne
1982 – 1986
Chief physician II and Director of the Intensive Care Unit at the Clinic of Propaedeutic Medicine at the University of Berne (Tiefenauspital)
1986 – 1990
Director of the Heart Centre of the Clinic Beau-Site in Berne. Head of the hospital laboratory of the Clinic
1990 – 2008
Chief physician of the Heart Centre Sonnenhof and of the department of Internal Medicine. Director of the Interdisciplinary Intensive Care Unit and of the Emergency Department
2002 – 2007
Chief Medical Officer Sonnenhof-Group
1986 – 2016
Director of the Praxisplattform (platform for medical practices) Internal Medicine and Cardiology in Berne,
2012 – 2016 Lindenhofpraxis (medical practices Lindenhof)
2017 –
Cooperation in the Praxisplattform (platform for medical practices) Internal Medicine and Cardiology in Berne


162 publications especially on clinical lipid and basic research as well as on subjects in the field of coronary heart disease, its risk factors, prevention and treatment.

Co-author of the AGLA/GSLA Treatment Guidelines for Switzerland regarding Heart and Cardiovascular Diseases.